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Music and Art by Terry Diers
Medium fish
Large fish
"Steelhead" Guitar
Medium fish

Fish Fetish                                                  Price  $1200.00

         This trout was inspired by my friend Mark Suazo's bear fetishes. Why not fishes?  This one's a Gila Trout from southern New Mexico.    24" x 8"                                            

Square Tail                                               NFS Private Collection

A facsimile of a trout I caught on the Upper Connecticut River
trout about 17".

Yellowfin Cutthroat                      Price  $ 1050.00

      This carving is of the  Yellowfin Cutthroat, the quickest extinction recorded, (17 years from discovery to extinction)
One can certainly see why. It was too beautiful.
     28" x 10" acrylic on cottonwood

Sockeye Salmon, spawning male          Price  $1050.00

      Spawning males of the Sokeye go through grotesque physical changes as seen in this carving.

     36" x 14" acrylic on cottonwood

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