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      The craft of songwriting, to me is an inclusive event. I hear a phase, or imagine a situation that would resonate with or titillate others, and then let my mind run with it. Humor and irony play a big role.
     I write stories. Some of them like "Ahrzetta", are sitcoms, but I write what I feel will be heard. I seldom intend to be introspective, but there are times as in "I Ain't Got the Blues" when it comes out anyway. The bulk of my songs are good time "Feel Good" tales with tongue tucked tightly in the cheek.
       Go to the album's individual page on the left to hear the stories of the tunes.

       The two albums I've done Have both been labors of Love, but the learning curve on the first was a bit steep. I blame Bill Gates, but I may have had a hand in it.
        Dream Walkin' was done in a barn in South Woodstock, VT with my great friend Terry Youk. A sweetheart and a genius, his documentary films with his lovely wife Ann can be found at brookhollowvt.org

       Ahrzetta, Chunky and the Dark Eyes was recorded variously at Frogville Studios, Santa Fe, NM and at  Armand Hammer World College of the American West

       The production team was myself, recordist extrodinaire, Bill Palmer and Kevin Zoernig, my personal Music Guru.

     Post-production Analog Mastering was done by my friend Sean Ingoldsby at Realtime Studios in Ojai California. Wonderful to work with, and a Master Extreme Lawn croqueiste.

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