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Trout Medicine Jewelry

                The trout has always been the spiritual elusive for my psyche.
In Tibetan mythology, the fish means "increasing"
My quest, my "increasing", has been to carve beautiful trout from all manner of precious minerals, bone, and fossilized ivory.

The above is an ad from the June issue of Trend Magazine, showing
samples of my work.

The "Medecine" part of the name just speaks of a consciousness of the stone I use and their individual healing properties.

I love the softness and infinite variety of color in the turquoise.
Turquoise spiritually inspires one to act out of truth, compassion, and Forgiveness.

Much of the turquoise I use is from the Lone Mountain Turquoise Mine
in Central Nevada. It has a great variety of color, and is naturally hard enough to stand up to agressive carving.
Not to mention it takes a magnificent polish! Check the link!

As I finish noteworthy pieces, I'll upload to here.

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