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Music and Art by Terry Diers

      Hi, and Welcome to my Site! Here's where you'll find links to all my artistic endeavors, be they music, fish guitars, fish sculptures or photography.
      Find the page for my latest album "Ahrzetta, Chunky, and the Dark Eyes" as well as my first album "Dream Walkin" in the Music Room.
     To download any and all, go to bandcamp.com
     To purchase the whole album, artwork and all, go to

      To purchase or custom order trout, go to Contact Me

     I was born into a very musical family on both sides.
     My Dad was a singing drummer who once played with Tiny Hill. He spoke of having played an Al Capone speakeasy, and how Al, as they were playing, made his way through the crowd as Moses through the Red Sea. ( my words, my memory )
     My grandmother on my Mom's side, Hester Doyle, was a multi-instrumentalist, ( piano, fiddle, harmonica, and voice ) and as a child I remember her "Kitchen Junkets", where musicians would gather at various friends houses on Saturday nights to play music and sing out (literally) the troubles of the week.
     "Lucinda, I told you I didn't want a crease in my dungarees when I went to work!".....etc.
     Hester was the Church organist. As a child,
I often fell asleep by the pump organ while the choir rehearsed.
     I had my first solos in church at 4 years old; Little Town of Bethlehem and Silent Night.
     By my teens, I was singing in 3 choirs each Sunday. I lived next door to the preacher of all 3, Doris Rikert.
     At 17, I was on "Ted Mack's Amateur Hour" in a jug band called the "Plunkouts".
     My professional career started at 18 with a band called the "Teabags".

     I've always been fascinated by New Orleans.
     New Orleans is the melting pot for all American music. It's as if it all floated down the musical tributaries of the Mighty Mississippi to be caught in the New Orleans Seine. (net)
     I started going to the
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
in the late 70's to bring my songs to New Orleans Artists.
     I was blessed by Johnny Adams, arguably one of New Orleans' finest singers, doing my song "Dancin' Man" on his
Rounder Records issue, "After Dark". We became close friends before his untimely passing in 2001.
     Jay Monque'd, New Orleans' bad boy Harmonica Ace did my song "My L'il Whiz Bang" on his "Chitlin' Eatin' Music" offering. It was played heavily on Tabby Thomas's radio show "Tabby's Blues Box".

     You will hear my Love of New Orleans in many of the stories behind the songs on "Ahrzetta, Chunky, and the Dark Eyes".
     Go to the album's page for the stories behind the songs.
     Recently I've had the pleasure  of playing with the legendary
Coco Robichaux, one of New Orleans' greats. We did pass a good time! 

     For info on how to order music or fish go to Contacts.


     I've fished for trout since memory serves.
     To me there is nothing so beautiful. They are the epitome of sleek environmental design.
     I try in my sculptures to show the beauty of the motion of trout and salmon, and give homage to their habitat.
     For info on trout and salmon sculptures, go to the Fish Pond.


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